About works:

Pictorial Hipster

For the pictorialist, a photograph, like a painting, drawing or engraving, was a way of projecting an emotional intent into the viewer's realm of imagination. (P. Daum)

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Innocence, awareness and beauty.
Study for an imaginary portrait of Isabel Archer.

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Summer Portraits

Through the waves, water, symbolically the birthplace and mother of life, creates a summer on the beach and a wonderful diversity of human beings. Their bodies, sometimes loved, sometimes not, contain the story of their existence and reveal the complexity of their life experiences: the pride of being young, the protective tenderness of love, the difficulty in taking care of ourselves, which makes the body too thin, making fun with a smile, the passage of time, the intransigence of fate, the satisfaction of leaving a sign in a life that will continue after us... This series, that intends to explore the variety of emotions, could continue indefinitely - in the past, now and after - with the sea in the background...

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Midsummer Horse Fair

Portraits from a small village of Northern Tuscany.

August-September 2011-2014-2015

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Tattoo Tribù

"Wear your heart on your skin in this life"  Sylvia Plath

Without adding words, the body conveys aspects of individuality through a tattoo that, with time, becomes a part of it.
In an extroverted or more intimate manner, the tattoo renews its communicative purpose as strong as the pain it its crafting cost.

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En Face

“En Face” is a portrait work shot inside the National Dance Academy of Rome. It merges my personal point of view as portrait photographer and my passion for dance. The title of the series refers to a position in classical ballet, “en face”, one where the dancer is facing the audience. In this work I have tried to capture the intention from which movement starts. I have tried to focus my attention on the classical setting as embedded in the expression of a dancer’s body, beyond the dramatization of gestures or the perfection of movements, even away from the stage, in moments of relax: the so-called “aplomb”.

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Circus Crew

This on-going series focuses on the reality of minor circus companies in Italy. It's a story about modern nomads who live with profound dignity an existence out of time, away from the habits of show business. The life of these small circuses, with imaginative names such as Rony Roller, Leslie Savana, Apollo, Henry Niuman, Merano, Montecarlo, often takes place in the outskirts of the big cities, with rhythms marked by duties, evenings spent in house trailers and shows often put on for tiny audiences.
Far from any controversy about the mistreatment of animals, an issue often related to this world, "Circus Crew" portrays the acrobats, the jugglers, the tightrope walkers, the animal trainers, the eclectic artists who are able to escape their complex everyday struggles to dive into a Bohemian atmosphere that has been a long-time inspiration for movies and literature.

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